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Current Rates!

1 Scene - $300 | 2 Scenes - $400 | 3 Scenes $500

What's a Custom Scene?

A custom scene is a 1:00-3:00 minute skit created from the ground up specifically for an actor. Custom Scenes are most useful for actor's in need of professional footage. Such footage gives an actor a more competitive resume and a better chance of not only being seen, but being booked as well.  Our created scenes are shot in FULL HD!

How Does the Process Work?

Once you fill out the form below you will be contacted as quickly as possible. Once a final price, location(s) and scene specifics are determined, a booking date of your choosing will be set. (Any reschedules most be made with 24 hours notice or will result in a fee of $100). After payment a script will be written up and sent over for approval. After adjustments are made, if any are required, filming will take place on the agreed date. After filming is complete, the footage will be edited, color tweaked, etc. Finished scenes will be emailed within 7 Bussiness Days. 

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Consistent Cinematography to Capture the Actor's Best Performance.

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