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What's a Demo Reel? 

A Demo Reel is a compilation of scenes from professional projects (Film/Tv/Web etc.) you've worked on that showcase your acting ability to a potential employer. A demo reel is not everything you've ever worked on, it is a tool comprised of your best work. 

How it Works!

While placing your order you will fill out a form detailing exactly what you want on your reel. If you have files prepared from a project to rip, you will send us a link through a file sharing website. If not, we will perform a search and locate those projects for you.

What Are Rips? 

When we extract your scenes from a project (Film/Tv/Web etc.) that is considered one rip. 

Can I Send My Files and Get Some Sought Out?

YES! You can both send in files and get others sought out. (NOTE) You'll only get up to the number of rips you've paid for. (EXAMPLE) You paid for up to 5 rips and you send in link(s) to download 2 projects and you need us to locate 2 other projects, that's 4 projects you need your scenes ripped from. That would be 4 rips. (EXAMPLE 2) You paid for up to 5 rips and you send in download link(s) to 5 projects and ask us to locate 2 more, that would be a request for us to rip 7 projects which is more than you paid for.


If you have all of your file(s) ready to send and we do not have to perform a search, your reel will be done within 5 business days. If we have to find your file(s) and then rip your scene(s), your reel will be done within 7 business days. 

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